Jawai, known as The Leopard expanse of India is on the mounts of Aravalli in Pali district in the states of Rajasthan. Rajasthan has been abode to many wildlife sanctuaries, various species of birds and mammals. The Leopard safari in the region of Jawai Bandh, draws the attention of wildlife enthusiasts and is a chosen destination built across the Jawai river. Leopards and humans co-exists in this province of Rajasthan. The most interesting and unsaid fact of this place is that there is no man and animal conflict in the expanse of Jawai. There is no much prey base available for leopards, the goat or any domestic animal is picked as their prey base and the villagers have the mythological belief that it has been bestowed to Goddess so they don’t harm each other and this is accepted by the local tribes. Leopard safari tourism also contributes to their livelihood, which is another reason for their smooth cohabitation. The harmonious relationship between the Leopards of Jawai and the local tribes is to be truly experienced.


Best Time to Visit

October to March is recommended to be the best time to visit Jawai. Being the hilly area, the weather becomes hot and leopard sightings decreases during summers. Nights are pleasant in summer and the Leopard movements are high during night time. In winter season leopards are sighted during the day as the noon’s are sunny and pleasing.

February is an ideal season for bird watchers as they get to see various migratory and residential bird species during this time.

Park Closure

Open: All Year Around
Safari Options: Jeep Safari





How to get there ?

By Air

Udaipur is the nearest airport to Jawai at a distance of 150 kms, Other nearest airports with a close proximity to Jawai are Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Ahmedabad.

By Rail

Mori Bera is the closest railway station from Jawai at a distance of 4kms. Jawai has a connectivity from all the major cities of the country like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad and many more.

By Road

Jawai has a good road connectivity from almost all the major cities of Rajasthan. National Highways 27, 58, and 62 are very well connected to Jawai and to many other destinations across Rajasthan.

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